Using a Commercial Lawn Maintenance Service

When one is capable enough, it is good to take of your lawn. By taking control of your property, rather than farming it out to another business, you'll gain so many advantages. Here's the why and how of commercial lawn care.
It pays to have control: By doing it yourself, you can time when to get things done. It is invaluable to be able to mow when no customer is at the premises in order to minimize disruptions and noise. No one really is able to take care of your lawn as you would want it to be. Having a well-groomed outdoor space is important; it's the first thing people see of your company. Taking care of your lawn by yourself is meant to reap bigger and better results. Read more great facts on  Xeriscaping Boerne, click here. 

Equipment: Be sure to buy machines with enough power to do the job. You should buy the best equipment in order to save yourself replacement costs. A lawn mower and edge trimmer are essential. Time as well as energy may be saved when one purchases a leaf blower. Additionaly, to get the work done correctly, it may be good to purchase a spreader for fertilizer. A sprinkler may also be useful especially when it comes to watering the grass to make it look greener and fresher. You can  Get all the information here

Sometimes, grass may overgrow and there may be need to mow the grass, this is where the need for a lawn mower comes in. Grass height of 2 to 3 inches is ideal, and it's best when no more than a third of the length of the grass blades are cut. Grass grows faster during sunny seasons and therefore during this time, frequent mowing is required, however, during cooler seasons, one does not have to mow more frequently. Doing your own commercial lawn maintenance makes for a healthier turf as you mow when it's needed, not to a hired company's schedule.

The grass should be fed with the right nutrition if you really want it to be more healthy. During each season, the right fertilizer should be fed in order for it to survive. It is only the owner who can be able to feed the grass with the right fertilizer.

it is very important to keep the lawn very clean by removing any leaves that fall on it. It is important to ensure enough air is getting to the soil for the grass. If the look of coring offends you, use a liquid aerator to keep the soil healthy. Aeration also improves soil drainage as well as gets rid of thatch. One is also able to determine what they would use for weed control. Using organic herbicides is better than ever for weeds, and you won't have to keep employees or clients off your grass.It is not very cost effective to keep on hiring people to get rid of the weed, herbidides are the best way to go.